Balla medical centre

Balla, Co.Mayo

 Weight Management

 Cervical Screening

 Smoking Cessation Advice

 Routine Blood Testing

 Contraceptive Services (incl. Mirena Coils)

 Travel Vaccinations (Yellow Fever Registered Centre)

 Child Health Care

 Maternity Services

 Minor Surgery Procedures (including cryotherapy clinic for removal of warts, verrucae etc)

 Warfarin/INR Monitoring

 ECGs/Heart Tracing

 Lung Function Tests

 Full Medical Checkups

 Insurance Medicals

 Employment Medicals

Additional GP Services

 General Management of Medical Conditions

 Health Promotion Advice

 Emergency Care if Appropriate

 Comprehensive Annual Review of Patients with Chronic Disease

 Referral for Other Services if Appropriate

Core GP Services

Balla Medical Centre

Co. Mayo

To contact us:

Phone: 094-93-65146